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We offer competitive pricing and the most accurate grade on catalytic converters.

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We have been in business for over ten years, and our trained graders have passed strict qualifications to ensure that you are receiving a fair price on every converter you sell.

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We buy from individuals, muffler shops, automotive repair facilities, scrap yards, auto recyclers and core buyers.

We have been recycling catalytic converters for over 22 years and are a top buyer of cats. Our knowledge of catalytic converters helps us to identify and provide you the best price for scrap cats. We track the market prices for precious metals and adjust our catalytic prices accordingly. As experienced purchasers, we help you sort and assess the worth of used cats. Ensuring that the buying process is fair, honest and transparent. No order is too small and larger quantities are welcome. Get a quote now and receive a speedy payment for the agreed value. We are known for our fast, friendly and great customer service.

You can help provide a cleaner environment by working with us and selling your cats. We purchase these converters from catalytic repair shops, junk yards, towing companies, dealerships and salvage yards etc.
Let us help you sell yours!

With over 20,000 different types of catalytic converters to recycle. Our experience helps us recognize the components of each type of converter and determine the grade. Then we can give you a quote with the best price. Payment is a guaranteed transaction that is secure as wire transfers or checks .

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