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We offer competitive pricing and the most accurate grade on catalytic converters.

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Quality Service

We have been in business for over ten years, and our trained graders have passed strict qualifications to ensure that you are receiving a fair price on every converter you sell.

Higher Value

We buy from individuals, muffler shops, automotive repair facilities, scrap yards, auto recyclers and core buyers. 

We are helping to provide a cleaner environment in which all of us live. Our company recycles scrap converters that are catalytic. We purchase these converters that are catalytic repair shops, junk yards, towing companies, dealerships and salvage yards etc.

We purchase over 20,000 different types of catalytic converters to recycle. The experience is had by us to recognize the components of each of the various types of converters and determine the grade. Our company offers prices that are competitive. Payment is a guaranteed transaction that is secure as wire transfers or checks .

That you are having problems with your car’s airflow and detect a glowing red hot color on your converter, immediately plan to replace it and sell the converter as scrap if you suspect. For the salvage price that is best cut your converter close enough to the front and back which will assist us in recycling of the metals. It is not wise to tamper with the inside of the converter by cutting it open.

Send us pictures of your used catalytic converter today and we will offer the price that is best as well as providing information about the type of converter that should be equipped in your car. That it is worth money if you have imagined the damaged converter to be worthless or just scrap, you will be surprised to know. Our recycling efforts are two fold. We provide a cleaner environment for everyone and provide extra cash to our customers.


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